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We provide you advanced search capabilities for detailed Things-To-Do. Your search doesn’t have to end with frustration, irritation, and boredom after searching for “fun things to do near me.” MyLife heard your pain, understood it, and solved it.

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Find special local events without searching for extensive information!

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An easy-to-use, My Life removes the pain of using multiple apps to explore Things to do near me
What percentage of time do you spend on various apps/chats to decide on a place to go, an event to attend, or a walk? How many Apps, calendars, chats do you use to coordinate?
In today’s mobile world, we must download multiple apps, view multiple websites, perform multiple searches, and coordinate multiple discussions due to the lack of a consolidated platform or tool.

Leave the cluttered past behind! With MyLife, minimize the hassle of finding things to do and maximize the quality time spent with your friends and family.

- Minimize the hassle of finding things to do, and maximize the quality time spent with your friends and family. -

While Elon Musk plans on taking you to Mars, we’re more than happy
entertaining you on Earth.

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Making plans takes lots of work, often causing you to frequent the same set of places. Instead, with MyLife, invite your friends, plan and discuss new fun events, and vote on places all in one easy-to-use mobile app. Speed up the voting process for you and your group today with all of our premium features:

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Events take place every month across a variety of platforms, but finding them is still difficult and time-consuming. MyLife is here to save you time and frustration.

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New exciting content added daily

New fun events and places to go are added daily. Local venues, attractions, event promoters, and bars/restaurants add their fun things to do using our MyBiz event portal platform. MyLife Mobile is the one-stop shop for everything to do local.

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Doing things with friends is the best but making plans to do those things is the worst. MyLife makes it easy and fun to explore hidden gems locally near you.

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