MyLife Mobile

Our Journey

What you see today is just the beginning. We’re just getting started on a journey that we hope you’ll tag along for. Every day, new events, restaurants and other fun experiences are added to our platform. Overtime, we will offer more content than any other event platform

Why the MyLife Name

Although popular, we named our platform MyLife because we hope to make your life easier by providing a tool that can be used for all aspects of your life. Today we’re about finding things to do, but tomorrow we’ll be your personal reference guide. We hope to utilize the preferences you select and use Artificial Intelligence to automatically create a list of things to do near you! No ads in your face, specials, or things-to-do with no relevance to you and your lifestyle--simply a wallet of sorts with everything that you need...

Our Promise

We pledge to never sell data to companies outside our platform. As we launch Phase II and III, we’ll be fully transparent with the use of your data. You’ll be able to choose the type of content you want to see. We’ll provide you with content solely relevant to your individual lifestyle; hence, having you select your preferences and us learning from your choices will be critical to what you see within the app. We hope you join our community and use MyLife as your personal wallet of relevant things-to-do.

Leadership Team

Chris is a 20 year executive in the payments industry. Partner, project management, sales development, sales administration, team development, new product development, marketing including 3 startups.
Eric has 30+ years of executive leadership in bank administration and the payments industries. Board member and board secretary of finance, accounting, mergers, insurance, disaster planning, facilities, and operations management.


Event organizers are registered with us to keep your feed always updated with the most relevant events near you.