MyLife Mobile

Finding Things to do with friends could not be easier.

MyLife is a geolocation based content aggregator and publishing platform that provides users with the ability to select interests such as events or retailers that are specific to their interests. MyLife uses Machine Learning to learn what is important to individuals through a mobile app and online platform, making it a one-stop platform for events and things to do.

The Problem

You want to find something to do or select an event in their local area, invite friends, discuss the event and find a restaurant all in one application

To live life in today’s mobile world, we have to download multiple apps to specifically fit our desires, view multiple websites, perform multiple searches and coordinate multiple things, because there’s no one conjoined platform.

The Solution

An easy-to-use platform
MyLife provides suggestions of things to do that are user-relevant while enabling them to invite, suggest and plan an outing with friends.
MyLife also provides businesses with the ability to promote their establishment sin more detail than with any other mobile app or website tool available today.


Event organizers are registered with us to keep your feed always updated with the most relevant events near you.
Things to do in Tempe
Are you tired and frustrated with searching things to do near me and not coming up with anything relevant to your interests?
Set your preferences for what types of music you like, and what types of events you choose to attend, and let MyLife do the work of populating your feed with relevant events and things to do that are relevant. Then, choose some ideas, invite friends, vote, chat, and organize great memories all done in one app. No more multiple group chats just to have a fun time.

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