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The current problem that all social applications face is that they are only focused on one segment of interest or only satisfy one basic function of the consumer search.  To satisfy a consumer’s search needs, users have to download multiple apps and perform multiple searches, to coordinate multiple things, for the desired result. Research shows that consumers tend to download and keep only 3 to 4 apps.  MyLife aims become one of the 3 to 4 apps by creating various integrations with highly successful apps to be the one-stop provider for integrated and coordinated entertainment choices.

Leadership Team 

Highly Qualified 

Chris is a 20 year executive in the payments industry. Partner, project management, sales development, sales administration, team development, new product development, marketing including 3 startups.

Eric has 30+ years of executive leadership in bank administration and the payments industries. Board member and board secretary of finance, accounting, mergers, insurance, disaster planning, facilities, and operations management.

Shawnah has over 20 years of experience in B2C direct marketing and is recognized as an industry leader in the development, execution and management of consumer engagement campaigns.  She has been involved in several successful technology and consumer product start-ups in the last decade. 

Peggy is known as the payments industry’s go-to marketing expert for more than 20 years. Developing marketing strategies, building brands, enhance communication, promoting products and services, and an improved lead generation.

Vimesh has nearly 30 years of commercial software development and technology management experience. Includes building, organizing and leading teams through successful, multi-million dollar software implementations.

Amit  has over 12 years of IT infrastructure architecture management networking, application development, and technical support. Also point of sale, ticketing, telecommunications and team management.

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